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We provide highest quality service

Our team is experienced male hairdressers with seven years of experience, improving their skills year after year. Many cosmetics used by craftsmen can only be found with us.

To sign up for the master, call the number on the site.

I. Haircut

Classic genre. My head is the best premium shampoo, we cut with a machine and scissors, and then again my hair and make branded styling from a barber.

ii. Beard & mustache

We will take care of the safety of your beard and mustache, with the help of a car and scissors. We will correct, give chic and shine.

iii. shave

Super-theme that you need to try, at least once, and then addictive. We clean and sawn the skin of the face, soften and destroy the bristles with a dangerous razor.

iv. package

We know the most appropriate form of beard and mustache for you. Only an individual approach, no templates.
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